The Recent Rise of Nationalism Throughout the World

In the past year, a lot of unexpected events and decisions have been occurring in the political world, from the Brexit decision to Donald Trump’s election to the most recent failed referendum in Italy. The common feature in these three surprising results is a wave of right-leaning nationalism that is anti-immigration and against globalization. While I was upset over these three outcomes, I have to remember that real people are voting for them because they feel as though their needs aren’t being addressed in society. Thousands of working class individuals feel threatened by the forces of globalization as it strips many manufacturing jobs out of developed countries. While globalization may make the world better by opening up opportunities for upward mobility in countries like China and India, it can have a negative impact for working class citizens in developed countries. One important lesson that we can take from these recent events is that although, the results may not be what we wanted, we need to be more aware of and implement policy solutions to help those individuals most hurt by globalization.

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