International Event: Water Security in the Kabul River Basin

On April 6th, I attended a conference on water security. The presentation that attended was about Water Security in the Kabul River Basin by Sher Jan Ahmadzai. Dr. Ahmadzai explained that the Kabul River Basin is located between Afghanistan and Pakistan and thus, is causing a lot of conflicts. Pakistan and Afghanistan have encountered the problem of having scarce water resources so they are both desperate for the water in the basin. Dr. Ahmadzai pointed out that both countries are struggling to obtain water because of the use of water intensive crops, poor irrigation systems, and the fact that climate change has caused many glaciers to deplete. Thus, both Pakistan and Afghanistan have been fighting to extract as much water from the basin as possible and they have been trying to prevent each other from extracting water from the basin. Dr. Ahmadzai argued that the reason these countries have been having such a severe conflict is because they have not cooperated to create a treaty to negotiate a solution to the problem. Attending this presentation was especially informative and interesting because I learned how climate change and other factors are contributing to worldwide conflict and how our world must adapt to address these new challenges.

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