International Event – Iran and the World: Lecture and Discussion Mousvian and Samer Shehata

At the beginning of the semester, I attended Iran Around the World, a panel in which both Dr. Hossein Mousavian, a professional specialist at Princeton University, and Dr. Samer Shehata, an Associate Professor of Middle East Politics at OU. In the presentation, Dr. Mousavian began by discussing the Iran Nuclear Deal. Previously, I had little knowledge of the Iran Nuclear Deal so I was intrigued with the discussion and was able to learn a lot. Dr. Mousavian argued how the Iran Deal was an extremely comprehensive plan that was a win-win for both the United States and Iran. Under the deal, Iran was granted enrichment on Uranium to 3.67% while the UN is granted access to facilities so that it may conduct regular inspections on Iran’s nuclear facilities. This means that Iran is able to continue generating nuclear energy through uranium, however, other countries are able to monitor Iran’s nuclear actions to ensure that nuclear weapons are not produced. The professors explained how it was difficult for Iran and the US to come to negotiate on a deal that was mutually beneficial to both countries.

Ultimately, I was glad that I attended the event because Dr. Mousavian and Dr. Shehata offered some interesting insights on the Iran Nuclear Deal. I also enjoyed hearing the dialogue between Dr. Mousavian and Dr. Shehata because they did not always agree on certain issues. In addition, Dr. Mousavian is certainly a distinguished professor in his field and has had experience serving as an ambassador to Iran.

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