International Event: Fulbright Meeting

On March 28th, I attended a session that included general information about the Fulbright program and the application. Before attending the session, I was uninformed about the Fulbright program and was unsure about what the program helps to fund. At the session, there were four people who had either already completed their time abroad with a Fulbright fellowship, or who had just been awarded a fellowship. They explained how there are three main areas the Fulbright program helps to fund: a research project to be conducted abroad, graduate studies in a foreign country, or an English Teaching Assistantship to teach English in foreign schools. While I am not entirely sure about what I want to do after graduating from college, I am most interested in the fellowship to help fund graduate studies abroad. The panelists who have already received a Fulbright grant recommended that we start working on the application a couple of months in advance before the actual deadline to ensure we have enough time to draft a competitive application. Furthermore, they explained that if you are interested in doing a research project abroad, you should continue or expand upon previous projects you have done in the past. I’m glad that I attended this session because it helped me to start thinking about the Fulbright program and what I am specifically interested in pursuing in the future. Additionally, the panelists who had already completed their fellowship shared some interesting stories of their time abroad. After attending the session, I am both nervous and excited to apply for the Fulbright Fellowship in the future.

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