Human Rights Abuses in Chechnya

A couple of weeks ago, reports in the newspaper Novaya Gazeta claimed that Chechnya had been treating gay individuals extremely harshly through imprisonment, torture, and harassment. Authorities in Chechnya began a collective punishment of gays after a rights group in Moscow applied for permits to hold gay pride parades within the region. Gay men have always had a tough time living in Chechnya because of its extremely traditional values and customs. However, the organized collection and punishment of gay individuals represents a new level of human rights violations in the region. Many gay people in Chechnya have had to live a life of secrecy, but now they risk being exposed and physically targeted by law enforcement within Chechnya. Clearly, this type of harassment should not be tolerated by other nations. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult for other nations to prevent Chechnya from violating people’s basic rights. However, if our society works to promote kindness and respect towards all groups of people, instances like the one in Chechnya will be less common and our society will become more accepting of people in general.

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