General Thoughts about Studying Abroad in Oxford

For the month of July, I studied abroad in Oxford, England where I took a class called “The Great War & the 20th Century.” I loved getting to explore Oxford because of its rich history and culture. I felt like everywhere we went, there was some historical significance. One of my favorite parts of Oxford was visiting the Eagle and Child, a pub where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien frequently met at. It was a cool experience eating at a place where these great minds regularly met.

Another thing I enjoyed about Oxford was exploring the various colleges of Oxford University. Each college has unique traditions and layouts so I enjoyed touring multiple colleges. We stayed in Brasenose College so I had plenty of time to explore it. Surprisingly, they were very strict about not letting you walk on the grass quad. If you happened to walk on the quad while the attendants were watching, they would get very angry. We also got to explore Magdalen College which had a very different atmosphere from Brasenose. It had a tower that we were able to walk up and see a great view of Oxford. We could even see Brasenose from the tower.

Overall, I had a really great experience while studying abroad this summer. I struck a good balance between studying for class and spending time exploring the areas I was visiting. I am already missing Oxford and I definitely plan on going back in the future!

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